Setup of a Free Trial Version

A subset of XL Feeds's functions are available without any license.
But in order to test all functions you would need a valid activation code.
The following steps show how to install XL Feeds and obtain a special trial activation code that provides free access to all XL Feeds features for a period of two weeks.
They assume you have internet access to the XL Feeds site. If this is not the case, please contact XL Feeds Support.

Step 1

Download the installer file from
In that page exist two download buttons corresponding to the two possible Excel installations you might have at your device.
You must click on the appropriate button in order to download the corresponding installer file.
If you are not sure what the bitness of your Excel is, please take a look at the answer to the question "Which download button should I click" at the Q/A section of the above page.

Step 2

Ensure that no Excel instance is running as this could interfere with the installation process.

Step 3

Run the installer file in order to install XL Feeds in your device.
If the installation completes successfully, you should see XL Feeds listed in the Apps section of your Windows Settings.

Step 4

Start Excel and notice at its ribbon area a new menu item named "XL Feeds".
If you select that item, you will see a button named "Load XL Feeds", as shown below:

Step 5

Click on the button in order to load the XL Feeds Analytics DLLs into the currently running Excel session.
If your device has not a valid XL Feeds activation code, you will be greeted with the following popup window:

Step 6

Since you don't have an XL Feeds activation code, select the Request Trial option, enter your email address in the two bottom fields as shown below and then press the OK button.

Step 7

Close Excel and check your inbox for an email containing your trial license activation code that must have been automatically sent to you by softworkz, which is the third party company that handles XL Feeds's licenses.
You may need to check your spam folder if you don't receive that email in the next few minutes.
Then restart Excel and - when greeted with the license activation window - choose the Enter Activation Code option and enter your credentials as shown below.
In the top field enter your newly received activation code.
In the password field you may choose any text you want.
In the Email filed, you may enter any valid email and not necessarily the same as the one you used in the previous step.

Step 8

Press the OK button.
An Excel restart may be needed for the proper loading of all DLLs.
If the entered credentials are valid, you will be able to use all XL Feeds features for the next two weeks in that device.
You can uninstall XL Feeds at any time through the Apps section of your Windows Settings.