Tulip Cell Functions

Alphabetical List of Tulip Cell Indicator Functions as of add-in version 0.8.1

Function NameFunction Description
TI_ABSVector Absolute Value
TI_ACOSVector Arccosine
TI_ADAccumulation/Distribution Line
TI_ADDVector Addition
TI_ADOSCAccumulation/Distribution Oscillator
TI_ADXAverage Directional Movement Index
TI_ADXRAverage Directional Movement Rating
TI_AOAwesome Oscillator
TI_APOAbsolute Price Oscillator
TI_AROONOSCAroon Oscillator
TI_ASINVector Arcsine
TI_ATANVector Arctangent
TI_ATRAverage True Range
TI_AVGPRICEAverage Price
TI_BBANDSBollinger Bands
TI_BOPBalance of Power
TI_CCICommodity Channel Index
TI_CEILVector Ceiling
TI_CMOChande Momentum Oscillator
TI_COSVector Cosine
TI_COSHVector Hyperbolic Cosine
TI_CVIChaikins Volatility
TI_DECAYLinear Decay
TI_DEMADouble Exponential Moving Average
TI_DIDirectional Indicator
TI_DIVVector Division
TI_DMDirectional Movement
TI_DPODetrended Price Oscillator
TI_DXDirectional Movement Index
TI_EDECAYExponential Decay
TI_EMAExponential Moving Average
TI_EMVEase of Movement
TI_EXPVector Exponential
TI_FISHERFisher Transform
TI_FLOORVector Floor
TI_FOSCForecast Oscillator
TI_HMAHull Moving Average
TI_KAMAKaufman Adaptive Moving Average
TI_KVOKlinger Volume Oscillator
TI_LINREGLinear Regression
TI_LINREGINTERCEPTLinear Regression Intercept
TI_LINREGSLOPELinear Regression Slope
TI_LNVector Natural Log
TI_LOG10Vector Base-10 Log
TI_MACDMoving Average Convergence/Divergence
TI_MARKETFIMarket Facilitation Index
TI_MASSMass Index
TI_MAXMaximum In Period
TI_MDMean Deviation Over Period
TI_MFIMoney Flow Index
TI_MINMinimum In Period
TI_MSWMesa Sine Wave
TI_MULVector Multiplication
TI_NATRNormalized Average True Range
TI_NVINegative Volume Index
TI_OBVOn Balance Volume
TI_PPOPercentage Price Oscillator
TI_PSARParabolic SAR
TI_PVIPositive Volume Index
TI_ROCRate of Change
TI_ROCRRate of Change Ratio
TI_ROUNDVector Round
TI_RSIRelative Strength Index
TI_SINVector Sine
TI_SINHVector Hyperbolic Sine
TI_SMASimple Moving Average
TI_SQRTVector Square Root
TI_STDDEVStandard Deviation Over Period
TI_STDERRStandard Error Over Period
TI_STOCHStochastic Oscillator
TI_SUBVector Subtraction
TI_SUMSum Over Period
TI_TANVector Tangent
TI_TANHVector Hyperbolic Tangent
TI_TEMATriple Exponential Moving Average
TI_TODEGVector Degree Conversion
TI_TORADVector Radian Conversion
TI_TRTrue Range
TI_TRIMATriangular Moving Average
TI_TRUNCVector Truncate
TI_TSFTime Series Forecast
TI_TYPPRICETypical Price
TI_ULTOSCUltimate Oscillator
TI_VARVariance Over Period
TI_VHFVertical Horizontal Filter
TI_VIDYAVariable Index Dynamic Average
TI_VOLATILITYAnnualized Historical Volatility
TI_VOSCVolume Oscillator
TI_VWMAVolume Weighted Moving Average
TI_WADWilliams Accumulation/Distribution
TI_WCPRICEWeighted Close Price
TI_WILDERSWilders Smoothing
TI_WILLRWilliams %R
TI_WMAWeighted Moving Average
TI_ZLEMAZero-Lag Exponential Moving Average